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The Well Man's Podcast

Mar 27, 2019

Episode 77 - Ketogenic Diet, Biohacking, and More with Thom King
Thom King is an Entrepreneur, Author, and self-described 'bio-hacker.' Thom changed his life by adopting a ketogenic lifestyle and kicking ~70lbs! In his book Guy Gone Keto he details an essential wellness program that will keep you fit and healthy for life.
Thom is the founder and CEO of Steviva Brands Inc., one of the largest importers, manufacturers, and distributors of natural sweeteners. Thom has made it his life’s work to study food science. Thom uses his knowledge to help others eat healthier and avoid harmful sugars that aid them in maintaining habits that help fight metabolic diseases.  Thom joins us to discuss the ketogenic diet, biohacking, and much more! Thom thank you for joining the show!

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