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The Well Man's Podcast

Sep 11, 2019

One of the essential aspects of your health is your sleep habits. Ben Pratt joins us to explain why sleep is so important how we can improve our sleep quality, maintaining sleep hygiene, sleep changes throughout the life cycle, and much more! Thank you, Ben, for joining the show!

Ben Pratt is the Programme Coordinator for the leading online training provider, Nordic Fitness Education. He has actively worked in the fitness industry since 1995 and within the field of fitness education as a tutor and international presenter since 2003. Amongst numerous vocational fitness certifications, he achieved a BSc in Sports Science, and a MSc in Holistic Nutrition. Ben is the author of more than 15 health, fitness and nutrition certifications, the most recent of which is the Sleep Recovery Specialist online certification that offers fitness professionals an exciting niche to support clients achieve their goals.


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Facebook & Instagram: @nordicfitnesseducation


Twitter: @N_Fit_Education


Please offer your listeners a 10% discount to the Sleep Recovery Specialist course by using the code: sleepnow10

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